Abdullah has been our resident choreographer and instructor for the male basic and professional modelling courses, as well as corporate grooming courses.

Abdullah, who has had formal dance training, is responsible for all aspects of choreography work for the company, which includes the co ordination of technical setup, models, clothes, music, props, and sequences of the shows. He is also a capable compere, and has displayed great initiative with good and new ideas to suit the needs of clients, as well as their budgets. His list of clients includes M B Melwani, Metro, Paragon Shopping Centre, Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Wisma Shopping Centre, He She Group of Companies, 2nd Chance, and Television Corporation of Singapore and RTM Malaysia for their Malay, Indian and Chinese programmes. His work has been brought overseas to Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia, for the Royal Sultans of Johore and Brunei, showcasing the works of local and foreign designers.

He is part of our team for the training of staff from five star hotels, corporate companies, members of the Civil Service, and Educational Institutions on general grooming programmes. His specialties include all aspects of deportment, fashion sense, social etiquette, personal hygiene, hair care and skincare. He has groomed many a top model and winner for Imp international, and currently is involved from time to time, in training of models.

Abdullah is totally responsible, confident, pleasant, honest and hardworking, and is a pleasure to work with, a true professional.