Improve Your Look With the Appropriate Hairstyle

Here we help participants to achieve not only glossy hair, but more importantly, a neat and smart image through the appropriate hairstyle to complete the perfect look. Our Trainer will be assessing each individual's hair type, face shape and body proportions to recommend the most suitable hairstyle. The topics our trainer will be covering include:

Common hair problems e.g. dandruff, dry/sensitive scalps, hair loss etc…

Food that provide the basic vitamins for good healthy hair.

How to pick the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and lifestyle, and recommended products.

Other hair treatments for e.g., hair masks, hair tonics etc.

How to use your shampoo and conditioner, hair aids (e.g. gel and sprays) and hair dryer, to your benefit.

The Trainer will be selecting one participant to demonstrate styling in its easiest form for everyday wear. If the timetable permits, each participant may also have a hand on experience with the Trainer’s guidance.