Personal Health & The Modern Person

It is not sufficient to look good but as well, be aware of one’s Personal Hygiene. Bad body odour, stale mouth odour, and the like, must be absent in any well groomed person. It is important to be beautiful from the inside to out to ensure maximum output from individuals be it for work or leisure. This section starts with a health talk on the importance of basic vitamins and their uses with recommended products. It will also examine things we use daily, such as soaps, body lotions, oral products, followed by recommending products for:

- Body Odour (deodorants and anti-perspirants)
- Maintenance of Teeth and Gums and how to deal with bad mouth odour
- Maintenance of nails on hands and feet
- Fragrances and Aftershave
- Removal of Unnecessary Hair
- Menstruation - (for Ladies only)

Proper Maintenance of clothes, shoes and bags Once again, participants will be asked to discuss what products they are presently using and changes will be recommended if necessary.